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Penobscot Fog
Susan Mangam, artist, landscape, oil painting, Turtle Gallery, Deer Isle, Maine, Stonington, Blue Hill, Ellsworth, Bar Harbor
acrylic on canvas
18" x 32"

"Two little islands, about the same size, an ocean apart. Whether I cross the sea to Iona or the bridge to Little Deer, it is a crossing over, leaving the familiar behind.

....all it takes is a wild stormy night or a sunrise or sunset over the sea to still the chattering mind and reawaken the sense of wonder.

“The primary focus of a pilgrimage is the interior growth resulting from an exterior journey...
Cintra Pemberton, Soulfaring, p.9

Such is the journey to Little Deer Isle where Ospreys whistle, soul friends gather, the sun sets in glory across Penobscot Bay, the sea makes music and I am taken out of my old self, into more who I really am.

Sketch sacred places, photograph, bring new life back home where the pilgrimmage continues."

Susan Mangam passed away in 2023.