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Galen Davis is a landscape painter living and working in Brooksville and Isle au Haut, ME.

Davis was born and raised in Harpswell and Brunswick, Maine. She went to Hampshire College intending to major in art, but ended up studying writing and literature instead.

Davis has always drawn and painted, but after taking workshops with Deer Isle pastel artist Carolyn Caldwell, she began working intensively in pastels. Since 2018, she has moved to painting almost exclusively in oils.

Galen Davis paints the local land and seascapes of Isle au Haut, where she has summered since childhood, and Brooksville, where she lives with her family.

Davis writes of her work, “Painting immerses me in this landscape to which I’ve developed a deep attachment over my lifetime. Painting allows me to look even closer and feel an even greater intimacy with my surroundings.”