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Rebecca Goodale artist's book Wild Ginger, Asarum, Canadense book arts artist printmaker paper collage Cathleen Miller poem poet MacGregor Handmade Paper Mullenberg Designs Scott Mullenberg Maine threatened species Turtle Gallery Deer Isle Maine
Wild Ginger, Asarum, Canadense
Artist's Book, edition of 8 (8/8)
7.25 x 7.5 x 1" (closed)

Maine Threatened Species List

Rebecca Goodale composed, silkscreen printed, hand colored, and bound this artist’s book. The poem is by Cathleen Miller. The book is printed on MacGregor Handmade Paper. The letterpress text was designed and printed by Scott Vile of Ascensius Press. The covers were foil stamped by Scott Mullenberg, Mullenberg Designs.
Flag book with a single section, cloth bound case measures approximately 7 ¼ x 7 ½ x 1 inches

Each book in this limited edition is signed by the artist and the poet.

Rebecca Goodale