The Turtle Gallery
Self PortraitThe Center of the WoodsThe Painter 
(Self Portrait)The Calm and Stormy SeaSea Breeze and FoliageCenter of the StormDark Trees at NoonSummer NightMoonlight, Sanibel IslandNight MusicPond in the Forest100 Years of Kraushaar Galleries, 
1885 - 1985Path of the SunThe Ticket CollectorJoyous NoteMy Room, Bright NightPortrait of Bernard MalamudAt Night - The Artist and His WifeColor and SoundEnd of The IslandThe Song of The ElementsThe Etcher's TableEdge of The Woods, Full MoonEnd of Night and DaybreakFlowers Against The SeaRed Sun, Dark WoodsFlicker and Gleam of FireSeawind and StarsSpirit of IslandsView Into TreesPears, Apples and GrapesOvergrown Path
Editioned Prints; Karl Schrag