The Turtle Gallery
Ebonized and Carved Mahogany VesselPadauk Turned Side TableAfrican Blackwood 24 Bump Ornamental BoxKoa Bent BoxEbonized Holly with TextureEbony Box with Afzelia Lay Lid and Silver InlayEngine Turned African Blackwood BoxVessel with Lid
Chris Joyce
A Deer Isle native and self-taught wood turner, Chris Joyce's wooden works are a melding of fascinating design and expert craftsmanship.

"Wood is the medium that has always held my fascination--ever since childhood when I would save scraps from my dad's carpentry jobs to make little wooden boats. Now I spend whatever precious hours I can turning wood in my shop. The woods I use come from my backyard and the world all over. I love to find a new species and to learn all of its character through the process of creating a turned container. I hope the viewer of these works gets to experience a little of each piece of the wood's unique nature."