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Caitlin Johnston
Born in Blue Hill, Maine, Caitlin Johnston grew up along the coast, and remains quite connected to the area. She earned a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 1999, and went on to work as a teaching assistant at the Studio at Corning Museum of Glass, and Tokyo Glass Art Institute. She spent time at Pilchuck Glass School in 1999 as a student, and in 2007 as an Emerging Artist in Residence.
Johnston ran January Glass, a small jewelry design and production business for approximately ten years. She lives in Providence, Rhode Island where she now works on one of a kind art works.

“This most recent collection of works began as a way of experimenting on a small scale with various materials and techniques. I’ve found that I quite enjoy working on this scale, and have used several ways of making marks and patterns; drawing, stitching, carving, etc.

Maps and sailing charts have long fascinated me, and some of this work uses them as a foundation to build from. I have used layers of a beeswax mixture to seal each piece, that evokes a sense of a clouded preservation.”

-Caitlin Johnston, June 2012