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Rebecca Goodale, tractor, wolf's neck state park, Maine artist, Woman artist, Deer Isle, Maine
Blue Tractor
Serigraph, Block Print, Monoprint

Farm Machinery at Wolfe’s Neck: a suite of 6 images created by Rebecca Goodale

Wolfe’s Neck in Freeport, Maine is home to Wolfe’s Neck State Park, several parcels of land preserved by the Freeport Conservation Trust, and also Wolfe’s Neck Farm (aka Wolfe’s Neck Center for Agriculture and the Environment). All of this land is open to the public for walks in the woods, fields, and along the shoreline.

In the spring of 2020 when I was adjusting to a world without Yoga classes or an indoor pool at the Y I began a regime of walking and running the dirt roads in and around the farm. As the warm spring unfolded ahead of the biting insects I began to develop a more intimate relationship with this pastoral spot.

The bright landscape was punctuated with farm equipment holding steady, waiting for the seasons ahead. I ran past orange and pink beasts that I later discovered were called tedders and hay rakes. I would turn my head and say, “I will be back to draw you”. And so began my infatuation with stationary machines. There is a tractor that I have never seen move, there is another that is always on the go in the summer and fall. There is a green wagon I like and a hen house on wheels and a do-re-mi set of silos all with the name brand Farmer Boy written in large red letters near their tops.

I have always wondered if there might be a way for a contemporary artist to use the subscription method that John James Audubon used. Would today’s collectors be willing to commit to a body of work for a fixed price with a promise of the work arriving in a stages? This Farm Machinery at Wolfe’s Neck subscription will be my first try.

I am promising 6 images for $1500. These images will be delivered or mailed to the subscriber by me. I have the first three images ready to go. 2 of these are 11 x 15 inches and 1 is 15 x 11. They are all unframed.

The next three will also be 11 x 15 or 15 x 11 on Arches 88, a beautiful serigraphy paper. The images are silkscreened prints with monoprints, and sometimes there is the addition of chine collé, or block prints. The edition size is 10, so I am looking for 10 subscribers. $1500 includes the 6 prints and shipping or delivery for every installment. I will donate $1000 total to Wolfe’s Neck Farm (a nonprofit organization).

Elena Kubler, at the Turtle Gallery in Deer Isle, Maine will be working to help me sell this suite of images and her commission will be donated in part to the Maine Farm Land Trust. Please contact for ordering information.

Rebecca Goodale