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Artist Focus: Mary Aro

Mary Louise Cromar Aro was born in Detroit in 1929. With a Masters of Fine Art (1982) from Wayne State she turned from emotional explorations of the city’s ruins to new explorations of realism. Aro developed her own unique style of realism, incorporating a strong sense of abstract space and form. The resulting two-part watercolors combined two seemingly incongruous images: a landscape stretching across the upper edge of the paper and a portrait or object, framed by pure white space, below. The division of the picture plane and the purposeful inclusion of the white background separating the figure or object from the landscape became hallmarks of Mary Aro’s style.

Aro has retired to her home in Michigan where she works in her living–room studio, studying, combining the various elements of her multi–part works, and exploring new imagery in oil.

"The trash has very interesting abstract shapes. It's a challenge to paint them...I love the beautiful colors, the creased and wrinkled, dirty parts. The cans are luminous and shimmery." - Mary Aro

Here we present her collection scheduled to be shown this year at the Turtle Gallery. This series is titled Covid 19 Trash.