The Turtle Gallery
Going Home
Kris Sader
What is home under the 21st century paradigmatic global thinking? What is it, now that we are exploring the colonization of other planets while looking to the universe to find succor for loss of something we can’t quite put our fingers on. Are we experiencing what we have caused so many other species to feel? Are we adapting by thinking of ourselves as other than a species of earth? What is hope in the face of such powerful dynamics? For me hope is supporting the work to save or restore home.

For the Atlantic salmon home is the rivers of the Northeast United States, Canadian Maritime provinces, and the Atlantic Ocean. On the local level the solution is as simple as taking down and/or creating portages around the dams that deprive salmon of an essential part of home. The process to make this happen can be arduous but has been done. The local is a known while the global is more elusive.

Should preservation work be halted due to the possibility that global warming may take out species that human societies are working to preserve? If it is in our power to restore home to a species, the action is an act of faith and a chance to reconnect with the planet as our home. If we restore home to species that have been denied them due to our historic underdeveloped understanding of local ecologies and human needs, it is an action that leads to healing and confidence that wrong thinking can be corrected.

So the Salmon becomes a 21st century symbol. On the local level, restoring the salmon to the rivers means restoring many species of sea-run fish. On the global level restoring salmon means there is possibility that many species may be able to have home if work is done.

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