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Sondra Bogdonoff
"It’s a joy to be back in the studio after a 20 year hiatus from full-time weaving. These current weavings are a beginning. They are short stories. My interest is in structure, what the loom makes possible and how it sets up constraints - - and what I can do in that world in between.

This winter I was ill for months and did not have the energy to weave. I began this series “Stilled Life”, an exploration of a grid structure and problem solving much like weaving. I continue to love the simple process of making lines, the sense of hand, and the absolute attention it requires.

I try not to question what interests me, and resist putting words to the feeling. I simply want to focus, clear everything else away, and trust the process. It is a rhythm, from very private to very public, and then a return inward once again."