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Jamie Johnston
Jamie Johnston grew up in rural New Jersey where he built forts and tree houses in the surrounding woods. He graduated from the University of Denver with a degree in english. Moving to Maine in the early seventies, he established his first studio and began making furniture. Several years later he joined the faculty at College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor.
He has an active studio in Portland, Maine where he makes individually designed commissioned furniture and related structures. Now professor emeritus at the Maine College of Art, where he established and was the head of the woodworking and furniture department. Following more than twenty five years of teaching he currently devotes full time to the studio with an emphasis on wall and floor sculpture that incorporates the subtle transitions and moments of color that he has long explored in his furniture work.
For more than forty years he has worked collaboratively and directly with clients on site specific projects. His furniture is represented in both residential and corporate collections throughout the country. With a deep appreciation and understanding of the design/make process he has engaged in a broad spectrum of commissions. In addition to his primary work as a furniture maker he has taken on projects as diverse as developing a line of children’s furniture for scaled production, an indoor miniature golf course and several zen gardens. His work honors the complex nature of simplicity, is informed by his design process, and aspires to a balanced relationship of material, technique, and idea.