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Jackie Haines
After studying botany and horticulture in college and after, Jackie Haines began making jewelry in the 90's when she learned how to beadweave. Always a practitioner of needle arts, she was drawn to the mosaic quality and detail of work made with tiny glass beads. With lots of practice and lessons from a local jeweler, she began fabricating her own metal components. She also uses precious metal clay (PMC). Metal clay can be shaped, textured, and carved before firing. Once fired, the end result is a piece of sterling or fine silver. She chooses the stones she uses for their quality or unusual pattern or origin. Assembling a piece of jewelry with beads, stones, and metal is a little reminiscent of assembling the plants for a garden: striving to achieve the perfect balance of color, form, and texture.

Jackie currently lives in Downeast Maine with her husband and son.