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Zuzonna Huot
Zuzonna Huot harbors a passion for creating in the ancient techniques of the old masters and delights in infusing them together with her love of nature and spirit. 

Most of her intricately detailed works are birthed on paper, wood/board and canvas using the Mische Technique; which is simply derived from the German word "misch", meaning mixed, as it involves painting alternately with water (egg tempera) and oil glazes. Traditional gold leaf also integrates and wears well on some of her selected artistic works.
The love of working in this fashion was ignited when in 1999, while living in Colorado, she received a scholarship to study with two of its masters in a primeval castle in Austria. The passion never ceased and continues to burn. 
Zuzonna has a comparable affinity to drawing and brings her envisioned images to life using Silverpoint, Gold-point and engraved graphite on Clayboard.

She is a self-taught artist and has been weaving an inseparable tapestry of her life, art and home in Stonington, Maine since 2000.