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Richard Wands
Artist's Statement, PULSE SERIES

"First imagine the expanding universe of which we have a small part in motion.

"Imagine the fluid, pulsating flow and underlying architecture, ever-changing, nano-second to nano-second.

"Now imagine taking a "snapshot" of that architecture for one moment.

"This, then, is what this "PULSE" series attempts to convey: a captured instant of changing structure." Richard Wands, 2015

Richard’s career as an artist began at age 12 with paintings of the Montana and North Dakota landscapes of his childhood. After serving in the Korean War as a youthful U.S. Army medic, he was stationed in Japan where both landscape and art were strongly influential then and now. A BFA from University of Wisconsin led to an invitation to study with Josef Albers at Yale and from there Richard headed to New York City and Long Island N.Y. where he made his way as a painter, sculptor, art teacher (Parsons School of Design) and landscape designer for fifty plus years.

His work has been shown in numerous institutional collections including the Hirshhorn Museum D.C., New Jersey Museum of Modern Art, Parsons School of Design N.Y., Univ. of Wisconsin, Marlborough Gallery Rome, Credit Suisse N.Y., Guild Hall East Hampton, N.Y., CondéNast Inc., and in the private collections of Carla Panicalli, Esther Gottlieb, Pol Bury, James and Gloria Jones, Ad Reinhart and Lauren Bacall among many others.

Richard has been painting and sculpting Downeast for the past fourteen years, in thrall to the landscape and light of coastal Maine.