The Turtle Gallery
New Sugar (Detail)To You (Detail)Light Beer (Detail)Ideal Spare (Detail)Or BridgeA Bridge for Two
Margaret Rizzio
Born in the coastal town of Blue Hill, Maine, artist Margaret Rizzio graduated from Bennington College in Vermont with a BA in visual arts followed by an MFA from Purchase College in New York. Afterwards, Margaret returned home to Maine, a place she has always loved. Margaret uses a wide range of mediums, including printmaking and assemblage, to embrace the idea of memory and the passage of time. She creates diverse miniature pieces through colorful, multi-layered collages filled with coincidences and synchronistic repeating elements. These tiny worlds are meant to make sense of the chaos of life and to generate a feeling of organization engaging the viewer to reflect on the fleeting and random quality of life. She currently practices and lives in Camden, Maine.