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Laura Hart
"I love to paint. I love color. I think about and have a real emotional connection to colors. Sometimes is is a peachy pink, sometimes it is a royal blue or a passionate intense yellow. When I am working, I have a very loud internal voice that affect my color choices.

"I've had a hiatus of about 15 years while raising my son and making a living. But what is amazing is the minute I start painting, the conversation begins again as if no time has gone by. It is a bit like reconnecting with an old friend; the moment you start talking you are back in a groove of connecting sharing and laughing. In these 15 years, although not doing a lot of painting, I feel the life of a painter continued inside me. Instead of making paintings, I mad other things: I launched my amazing 15-year-old son on his path in the world, I launched a company that helps children make digital things, I kept my mind very active. Now when I paint, the flurry of doing it has returned in a very fluid way; the dam has broken and the paintings are bursting out. I am more conscious of the enjoyment of the feel of paint on paper, a good brush, a good stroke at the right place; being mindful and instinct-full to use the drips as an element, scratching and drawing into the page."