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Hugh Lassen
"The process of carving is very physical and can be both slow and exhilarating simultaneously. I continue to be attracted to the aesthetic power of solid form. In carving granite it's a challenge to produce a warm and gentle form from such a cold and indestructible material. I try to match each stone with an idea as it evolves into a three dimensional shape."

"Often an idea will emerge from a drawing and will provide the beginning for a carving. By carving directly in the stone or wood the idea will be refined until, hopefully, it works in the round."

Hugh Lassen was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. He learned to carve after seeing a small Native American spear weight carving (also called a "Bird Stone") in a museum. This little surprising event lead him to study sculpture at the Arts Students League of New York and drawing at the Spring Studio, NY.

Since moving to Maine he has been carving the harder stones of basalt and granite.