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Joe Tracy
Full-time furniture maker, Joe Tracy, came to Maine, in 1976, via Australia, Virginia, New York, Norway and Stockholm. Tracy completed his MFA (the School of American Crafts at RIT) in woodworking and furniture design by completing a timber frame home on Mt. Desert Island.

His career was launched when the Wendell Gilley Museum of Bird Carving in Southwest Harbor, Maine and the Jordan Pond House at Acadia National Park, commissioned him to build furniture, birch bark folding screens, showcases and other pieces.

Tracy's work is, in large part, a product of the American Studio Furniture Movement of the last sixty years which includes the work of one of his mentors, James Krenov, with whom he studied in Stockholm. Like Krenov, Tracy uses wood in a "sensitive" manner, allowing the grain, texture, color, and imperfections of the wood to influence how he uses the material. More often than not, particulars are dictated by a client's vision and desires--a certain wood for a certain purpose.