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Kris Sader
Kris Sader moved to Maine twenty years ago after living all over the US, spanning three coasts. She grew up in Tucson, Arizona in the Sonoran Desert. “Both Maine and Arizona share a powerful beauty that I love to be in. Living in so many places has taught me to see the uniqueness and similarities in places and to seek out the good in any place I end up. My art tends to be abstractions of our connection to the natural world and imagination. I’m a lover of the esthetic mark and a believer in “the spirituality in matter” (Joseph Beuys). I also believe in the healing power of nature. I am a printmaker that experiments heavily mixing media and technique. I do intaglio, photo-etch, collagraph, woodcut and monotype prints. I have a BS degree in Performing Arts (Dance and Studio Art), a MS in Ecology and Environmental Sciences and a BFA in Printmaking from the University of Maine.”