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Susan Giacometti

Susan Giacometti studied at the printmaking department of the University of Oregon. Her love of the process of printmaking, of the marks and lines achieved through the printmaking process, particularly dry point, has never wavered. One of her instructors was Margaret Prentice, a founder of Twinrocker Press. There she had a first-hand look at making paper by hand and learned of the sumptuous quality of handmade paper. Susan was introduced to artist’s books, a field that continues to intrigue her.

Her work is small and whimsical and meant to be viewed up close. The little hairs on the legs of lobsters, the ridges in shells and the edges of objects all intrigue her. Lines, squiggles, gouges and other marks formed directly on a plate are the beginning of a curious adventure. She works in stages, letting what has gone before suggest what might happen next. The process of inking and wiping a plate, the rhythm of it, the patience it takes and the surprise of pulling a print, is nothing short of magical.