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Holly Berry, Bountiful Block
- Printing without a press: Monday, August 31 - Tuesday, September 1, 9am to 4pm

Relief printing is the oldest, most direct and low tech method of making an impression on paper. Explore the unique properties and qualities of linoleum as your medium during this 2 day workshop. All aspects of the block-printing process will be presented: design, transfer of design to block, cutting, inking, proofing, registration and printing by hand. There will be many opportunities for creative decision making and experimentation along the way!

Focus will be on quality and variety of line, cutting technique, creating visual texture and negative/positive space. Examples of both black and white and color prints will be used to demonstrate various techniques and results. These include the reduction method, use of key-block, multi-block, stencils and masks, white line approach and adding color by hand and other skills you can take with you. Some materials will be provided but please feel free to bring your own.

Please bring a simple drawing, motif, design, doodle or photo to work with. Reference material will be available. Size options: 6 “x 6 "and  5" x 7." Workshop cost: $190.

Michael Weymouth & Elizabeth Garber
- Intersection Between Photography & Poetry: Tuesday, September 8 - Wednesday, September 9, 9am to 4pm

Painter and photographer, Michael Weymouth recalls the first time he read Elizabeth Garber’s poetry, “Her words captured the same feeling of Maine’s natural beauty and character that I was depicting in my work.” What followed was a unique collaboration of poetry and art in their book MAINE: ISLAND TIME.

Weymouth and Garber will explore this intersection of art and word craft in a two-day workshop in September. It will consist partly of shared discussion and fieldwork. Ideally attendees are encouraged to pair up: artist and/or photographer with their favorite local poet/writer, or vice versa. You can also attend by yourself and bring your favorite poems or prose about the Maine landscape that you feel best intersect with your painting or photography. Conversely poets/writers can bring along examples of work by their favorite artist. Workshop cost: $190.

pictured: work by Holly Berry
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