The Turtle Gallery
Sea GlassPine ShadowsFluted ClamBubble UpAligned Moon
Connie S. Pogue
July 5th - August 8th, 2015

Opening reception 2 pm
Sunday, July 5th

"Drawing with graphite is my preferred medium. I have always found inspiration from nature and for some time my interests were in closely observing how natural materials relate visually to man made objects such as wicker and glassware. However, for this latest series of drawings I have eliminated all man made objects and focus on natural materials and the spectacular shadows they create in strong light. I find it inspiring when bright sun light creates striking shadows across an arrangement of rocks, seashells, twigs and grasses. New dimensions are introduced and the composition becomes somewhat abstract yet complex and refreshing, incorporating all the traditional elements of drawing."

For the past three decades Connie S. Pogue has spent summer vacations at coastal Owls Head, Maine where landscapes of tide worn rocks and muscle shells have become favorite subjects. Pogue’s drawings are rewarding to look at over time. She is a highly skilled draughtswoman and her preferred materials are time honored graphite and colored pencil on Somerset Velvet paper. The resulting images readily fascinate the viewer and afford an enduring satisfaction not often experienced from contemporary drawing. Her recent work focuses on intense natural sunlight and how it can create striking and dramatic shadows as it streams across Maine coastal rocks and various types of seashells when they are arranged together with dried grasses and twigs. The grasses and twigs not only unify by providing structure for the compositions, but they create visual space surrounding the sedentary rocks and shells. Although the subjects are realistically rendered with delicateness and inordinate detail, the effect is at once abstract, bold and dramatic. Connie S. Pogue’s work brings back a feeling of emotion that satisfies the soul.