The Turtle Gallery
Anne Oldach
Anne Oldach emerges from the rich heritage of representational art in the Delaware Valley with her own unique approach to her art work. Her stated goal is to create metaphors of the spirit which come to life in an imagined reality. Whether working in wood, in bone, in bronze, or a number of combinations of mixed media/encaustic and found objects, the goals remain the same to capture a visual equivalency for the interwoven worlds of man and nature and the passion inspired in the artist by those encounters.
I am interested in creating objects as metaphors.  I attempt to develop a visual language that mimics an exploration of nature's magic.  I am drawn to animated creatures and objects that demonstrate how forces have variously shaped them.  In a sensory cross-over our eyes “feel” how form is determined by actions of wind and water, how trees forced to hang closely to rocky footholds crouch and fold, the smoothed but still faceted faces left on tumbled beach stones.  Both visual and kinesthetic responses to these images remind us of temporal certainties and fateful uncertainties.  By examining nature and utilizing those insights to create I keep finding new questions.