The Turtle Gallery
New Sugar (Detail)To You (Detail)Light Beer (Detail)Ideal Spare (Detail)Or BridgeA Bridge for Two
Margaret Rizzio
Mixed Media
July 10th - August 6th, 2016

Opening reception 2 - 6 pm on Sunday, July 10th

Born in the coastal town of Blue Hill, Maine, artist Margaret Rizzio graduated from Bennington College in Vermont with a BA in visual arts followed by an MFA from Purchase College in New York. Afterwards, Margaret returned home to Maine, a place she has always loved. Margaret uses a wide range of mediums, including printmaking and assemblage, to embrace the idea of memory and the passage of time. She creates diverse miniature pieces through colorful, multi-layered collages filled with coincidences and synchronistic repeating elements. These tiny worlds are meant to make sense of the chaos of life and to generate a feeling of organization engaging the viewer to reflect on the fleeting and random quality of life. She currently practices and lives in Camden, Maine.