The Turtle Gallery
Mark Johnson
"Living with pottery, we learn something about the maker and ourselves. We share the pathways of touch, and through repeated use, we add vitality to our daily activities. In this way, pottery is about communication and a celebration of the essential things that make us human.

My work is thrown on the potter’s wheel, altered and then assembled. I use a white stoneware clay that is fired to cone 10 in the soda kiln. The surface of the clay is receptive to the soda glaze and flashes a range of subtle colors. Various glazes are also applied to the pottery with special emphasis on glazes that undergo a change of color and texture in the soda kiln atmosphere. The counterpoint of control and chance is a very important issue. The constructed clay forms--vases, jars and pouring vessels--are glazed with the intention that they will interact with each other and the kiln atmosphere to create a syntheses of material, form and process."